Saturday, 5 September 2020

Scenario Book for Sellswords and Spellslingers Update 5

 After some minor delays (inevitable considering the Covid 19 situation), things are moving on towards publication! I have just been sent the front page artwork from the publishers and I'm really pleased with it.

It is now looking at a publication date for the end of September/early October.

Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Scenario Book for Sellswords & Spellslingers Update 4

I've just heard that my mini-campaign book for Sellswords and Spellslingers, LAST STAND AT MISTHAM, is now due for publication before the end of summer!

An "Ooops!" moment from the last playtest game.

That's very exciting news for me. I really enjoyed the creative process (and had a lot of fun playtesting the scenarios), but it will be fantastic to see the finished work in print. Due to Covid19 it may only be available in pdf form to begin with.

The Ganesha Games team have started working on the layout and artwork, so at the moment they are planning for publication sometime in August!

Ganesha Games have already indicated that they would be interested in more books, if this is popular.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

More for Venice plus other painting to keep myself busy

I didn't get around to posting an update on my painting log last week so I thought I'd combine the two weeks with my latest construction for my Streets of Venice layout.

I've got a bell tower, but the other iconic building I was missing for Venice was a church, so I finally got around to building the TT Combat kit I'd picked up in March.

 At first glance it looked complicated, but I realised that the basic construction was relatively simple, a lot of the pieces were decorative pillars and  arches for the windows.

What else have I been up to....?

 I picked up a bargain on Ebay, 30 Oathmark goblins, assembled and painted for the price of a new box! The lighting was really bad in the photos and the skin tones looked grey, but when they arrived I realised they were actually sades of green. Not the vivid GW palate, but still a bit to green for me as I would be adding them to my Middle Earth armies.  But that's still a minor problem, so I experimented with a couple of different browns on the flesh.
 Once I was happy with the result I could bang the whole lot out in no time at all.

My friend Mark in South London very kindly sent me the next figure. It's a Plague Doctoress from TT Combat's Carnevale range. I painted her in various shades of grey to match the Plague doctor I already had, but it doesn't really show up much in this picture.
And using a flash just washed all the colour out. I really need to look at getting a light box for this photos.

A steampunk contraption from Ramshackle Games.

A test unit for my 10mm French Foreign Legion.

Three more Alfar, old Heartbreaker sculpts by the talented Phil Lewis.

Another set of captives from Ramshackle Games, I'd originally only ordered one set of 4, but they got missed of the original order, so Curtis very kindly sent me two sets!

Another Viking warrior.


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Scenario Book for Sellswords & Spellslingers Update 3

It's with the publisher!

I submitted my final text to Ganesha Games this week, so it is another step closer to publication. Obviously it will be a while yet as it still needs editing, design, layout and artwork producing, but I'm hoping that it should be in print by the autumn.

So, what does it consist of?

The book is a narrative mini-campaign of 5 linked scenarios, designed to be played by either Basic (up to 100 XP) or Expert (100 to 150 XP) level parties. Each scenario will have two versions, varying the foes and challenges, depending on the level of the party, although the basic victory conditions will be the same.

There are new foes, including an Ogre and mounted Orcs and Goblins. The book also introduces a new concept to Sellswords and Spellslingers, the Battlebeast. This is not a foe in it's own right, but rather any ferocious beast (wolf, boar or even unicorn!) that can be used as a mount by any humanoid foe. The Battlebeast's stats are additional values that augment the rider's own stats. This way players can use what ever models they have in their own collection. Whether a player has goblins mounted on spiders or lizardmen riding small dinosaurs, that's no problem.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Keeping Myself Busy 10

Again not so much to show for this week, but I have finished my scenario book for Sellswords and Spellslingers! I've just got to make a final selection on some of the photos and I'll be sending it to the publisher this week!

Anyway on with the minis.

 Two 3d-printed Italian MS boats for Cruel Seas.

 A Barbarian King from Ramshackle Games. It's a three part resin model, with a choice of arms, either clutching a sword or a big sci-fi gun if you're going for the post-apocalyptic look. I stuck with the sword!

 I have kept the model in two parts, mainly for ease of storage, but that also allows me more flexibility in the possible uses.

Finally three more Oathmark plastic Elf Light Infantry. I can see these making an appearance in lots of games, as wood elves, rangers or even forest bandits!

In a different form of "lockdown art" Broni dug her pencils and paints out. I think this expresses her frustration at having all her music gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future!

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Keeping Myself Busy 9

Not many figures painted at all this week. I have been spending more time working on the new Sellswords & Spellslingers campaign book, and when I did get to the painting table I got distracted by some 1/300 ships!

Four more Alfar for my Jotunheim project, these are old Phil Lewis elf sculpts from Heartbreaker. That's "old sculpts", not "old Phil Lewis".

This is a skirmish project that still hasn't really got beyond "a vague idea" in the planning stage, Considering I've already painted 72 28mm figures for it, I really should progress it, perhaps once I've finished the Sellswords book.

Way back last year sometime, I picked up a shedload of 3d printed 1/300 WW2 little ships for Cruel Seas, unfortunately, they all came without weapons. I had a few spares kicking around and thanks to the kindness of a couple of chums on the Pendraken Forum, I have gathered together most of what I needed. I painted up some Fairmile Bs and a HDML for a scenario idea, undercoated a bunch more and stuck them all in a drawer next to my painting table.
I am currently reading "Flag 4" by Dudley Pope, which rekindled my interest so I opened the drawer and pulled some little boats out!

The first batch, a small tanker, a couple of freighters and a RN Steam Gun Boat.

 A surfaced U Boat, not a lot of used in a coastal forces game, but could come in handy for a scenario.

Finally a F-Lighter. I was going to paint this up as an Italian Motozattera MZ800 and the start of my Italian fleet, complete with the red/white stripes for aircraft identification. But I decided to make it a bit more generic so I can also use it as a German vessel in the Channel or in the Adriatic/Aegean after the Italian armistice.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Keeping Myself Busy 8

Another mixed bag of goodies (or not) this week.

 A Dixon townswoman for my gunfight games.

 Two plastic Oathmark Light Elf Infantry. I just picked up a single sprue as a test, to see if I liked them. I know plastics are very popular now days, but these were my first foray into multi-part plastics. I have a few plastics in my collection, mainly undead, but previously I bought them secondhand and ready-assembled.
I liked these, but made the mistake of assembling them before painting, so trying to paint the clothing behind the arrow on the shooting figure was a real pain! I may use these as elves, or maybe rangers, or they may become alternative character figures for Sellswords.

 Westwind Vampire and "bride" from the Vampire Wars range. I might have over done the "eye shadow" on the male vampire.

 A splendid 19th century chappie. I was painting this to go in my western gunfight collection, but he has ended up looking more like a late Victorian/Edwardian English gent to me.

 A couple of stands of 10mm Confederate horseholders, old Chariot figures again.

Two more Essex medieval soldiers as generic fighters for Sellswords and Frostgrave.

The rest of this week's painting are a curious collection of resin odds and ends from  Ramshackle Games. I had been recommended to Ramshackle on one of the forums I frequent. The ranges ares largely post-apocalyptic in style, which isn't my thing, but there are plenty of figures that would suit fantasy or VSF games. Curtis is a really helpful guy to deal with and offers a pick and mix option of 10 items for £22. Some figures on offer are quite big and some items are sets of 2 or 4 pieces. It was a great way to get a selection of bits to try from different Ramshackle Games ranges.

The resin is a little bit brittle (as I found out when I snapped a wolf's tail off clearing it up) but any breaks are easily fixed with a dab of superglue.

 First up a stalking giant wolf. Now when I first saw these models, I must admit I didn't think they really looked like a wolf to me! But once I'd painted them I was really impressed with the malevolent expression on their faces. They look ideal as some sort of demonic creatures, or else natural creature possessed by evil spirits, like Tolkien's take on werewolves in the Silmarillion.

Here are the two poses together, the second one is listed as "loping" but by tilting it on the base I've made it leaping on it's victim. I can't  decide if I prefer the darker effect on the right hand creature, or the lighter effect on the left hand one. I'll leave them as they are for now but probably repaint one of them at some point.

 For scale, this is one of the wolves next to an Oathmark elf.

 Everyone need a damsel in distress to save from the Dark Wizard/dragon/kraken/evil genius etc. This model is generic enough to suit most genres from fantasy to pulp.

 A set of "plant lurk tokens" which I'll probably use for poisonous flora of one kind or another.

 A "Slithe", another odd character which I will find some use for, perhaps the leader of my cultists.

"Bedraggled Captives" ideal for a rescue scenario from orc slavers or jungle cannibals.  This four-figure set counted a a single item in the pick and mix, so an absolute bargain!

I will certainly be buying more from Ranshackle Games in the future and I'd advise anyone looking for something a little different to give the website a look, you are bound to find something of interest!