Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Two Gaming Mats for the Price of One!

I've got some nice 3x3 and 4x3 gaming mats for skirmish gaming and a 6x4 Cigar Box mat for 10mm, so I felt it was high time to dump the old dark green felt for 6x4 games with the larger scales.

I was quite pleased with the effect I got with white fleece for snow, so I thought I'd look at that material for grass. Looking around Evilbay I found someone selling a sort of sage green for the princely sum of £5.85 per metre. It was 60 inches wide so I ordered 2 metres for the total of £15 including postage. My table is actually slightly under 5 feet in width, so this would cover the table with a slight overhang on either side.

Of course the advantage of fleece is that it is double sided, which means a reversible gaming mat! I left one side alone, so I have summer pasture/grassland when I want that. In reality it is slightly less yellow that it appears in this photo.

With the current sunny weather I pegged the cloth against the garden fence and attacked the other side with spray paints. I had a part-used can of brown and another of sand paint in my paints box, so I randomly applied then to the fleece. For a first time I was quite pleased with the effect, but i think I might go back to it, either with more of the brown, or else get an even darker spray, if I can find one.

And here is the painted side with my jungle set up, ready for a game later today.


  1. Nice, that looks the biz. Great way to use up old spray cans, too :)