Thursday, 17 May 2018

An Evening of Sellswords and Spellslingers

We managed to get several games of Sellswords and Spellslingers in over the past couple of evenings, and we finally managed to survive the encounters! We should probably give the PC's names now (except the wizard who is already named, Ian stated dramatically that he was going to "Activate the WIZZARD!" so I just started calling him "Eddie"). Here is a few photos from the first couple of our games. We used the same basic table layout for both scenarios.

The set up for the first scenario before the PCs enter the table.

The first scenario was Of Wine and Brambles. We decided to start with a plan (lack of which could have been the cause of the lack of survival in our first two games), we were not going to stop to loot bodies, but keep our eyes on the objective, The good fighters would act as guards and block off any dangers whilst the shooty-types would act as searchers and provide long range fire support as required. This was quite a quick game, we killed a few goblins and found jugs of wine in the first two clumps of brambles we searched. The Ranger excelled himself by finding a jug, treasure chest and a set of lockpicks in the first bramble clump. With no immediate danger we did loot a couple of goblins but left most of the bodies alone and headed off the table as quickly as possible with everyone in the party still pretty healthy. We had been very lucky rolling a lot of "1"s when more goblins turned up, rather than hordes of 5 or 6 at a time.
 The Ranger is very pleased with himself having found a treasure chest, a wine jug (yellow counter) and a mystery object (blue counter) which turned out to be a set of lockpicks. In the background the  Fighter is examining the dwarf's handiwork (the red counters represent dead goblins so far unpillaged).

 Eddie heads towards another clump of brambles to search, guarded by the Fighter and the Dwarf. Note the trail of dead goblins (red counters) which mark their path.

Yet another single goblin enters the table behind us. We were very lucky with rolls for wandering monsters and reinforcements.

In the post adventure lull the party varied in their achievements. The Cleric and Fighter decided to play safe and joined the Town Militia, which was uneventful. The Ranger went hunting and was quite successful netting a tidy profit. Eddie Wizzard was a bit of a damp squib as a street entertainer (the rest of the party commented that it was a bit like his performance on the battlefield!), the Elf made a tiny profit gambling and the Dwarf managed to lose money trying his hand at mining!

The second game was In Search of Rare Herbs. This started off OK but didn't go so well, we had a lot of goblins turning up and quite a few bigger ones with 2 HP. There was a lot of fighting and just about everyone took hits. At one point the Cleric, who had gone to assist S the wood elf, found himself surrounded. The pair battled on back to back and at one point had a dozen goblin bodies piled up around them. With even more closing in they decided discretion was the better part of valour and got off the table. The situation wasn't helped by the Fighter putting his foot in a snare just as an angry bear emerged from the bushes just in front of him. The Ranger went to his aid but was killed by the bear, before the Fighter could free himself and finish the beast off. Again, with goblins closing in he decided to grab the ranger's corpse and get out of there. Elsewhere the Dwarf and Elf had provided effective cover to the Eddie Wizzard, who had managed to find 3 bunches of rare herbs. As they tried to escape the Dwarf was ambushed by one last goblin, who manged to kill him! Fortunately they were close to the table edge and Eddie took the goblin out and managed to drag the Dwarf off at the last minute. On the Out of Action check, both the characters were just stunned and made a full recovery.
Oh Crap! An angry bear just makes the PC's day! The Fighter is trapped in a snare and the Pinned counters represent the number of actions required to cut him free (he had already spent 1 action hacking at the bindings).

More games tonight, I'll try to remember to take more photos this time.