Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Bash-up in the Balkans 1912

I dug the 1912 Balkans War armies out again for a game using The Men Who Would Be Kings today. It was a straight forward encounter scenario using 36 point armies and a lot of fun.

1 unit elite regular inf (Evzones)
3 units regular inf (Greek inf and Italian Legion)

1 unit poor regular infantry (Cypriot gendarmes)
1 unit irregular inf 
1 unit field gun (poorly served)

3 units regular infantry (1 mounted)
1 unit poor regular infantry (Militia)
1 unit irregular infantry
1 unit machineguns (well served)
1 unit field gun (poorly served)

The Turkish gunners were superb, showing unusual accuracy. Together with the machineguns they dominated their side of the battlefield, catching several units in a murderous crossfire. The Greek gunners were less impressive, failing to activate on numerous occasions. To be fair, their initial deployment wasn't good, off on the opposite flank to the Turk's gun, the central hills blocked a lot of their potential targets.

 The two forces eye each other up, viewed from the Greek side of the battlefield.

 Greek infantry advance across the hills.

 Cypriot gendarmes take cover in scrub to try and avoid the Turkish shells, only to be raked by the machineguns.
 The Italian Legion advance through the shelter of the woods.

 The Greek artillery attempts to redeploy whilst the irregular volunteers move up to screen the gun from the Turkish mounted infantry.

 The Turkish infantry in the centre of the line take some fire from the Greek infantry.

 Turkish militia in the central woods snipe at the Greeks advancing across the hill in front of them.

 The Turkish artillery scan for their next target.

 The mounted Turkish infantry move up, cutting down the Greek irregulars with accurate rifle fire.

 The Greek's last throw falters as the Italian Legion are pinned by the Turkish artillery fire.... be finished off by the Turkish machineguns.

A clear win for the Turks! After lunch and a nice beer, we swapped sides and played it all over again, this time it was much closer, with the Greeks winning this time.


  1. Nice looking game, lovely minis!

  2. What code are you using for the Italians? Are they just Greek infantry painted up as Italians?

  3. Great report. I have been collecting figures for a Balkans land and sea campaign for the Balkans war. Your use of TMWWBK has inspired me to look at them for this too.

    1. Thanks David. I'd certainly recommend TMWWBK for this period.