Monday 14 May 2018

Fantasy Urban Encounters and Onlookers

I am really excited about Sellswords and Spellcasters and planning to run two campaigns. With my buddy Ian we will be playing in a generic Fantasy world, very reminiscent of the D&D games we both remember from our youth. I am also going to play a solo campaign set in Middle Earth in the mid-Third Age, around the collapse of the Kingdom of Arnor. I am already thinking of ideas for additional scenarios beyond those in the rulebook and want to include some games in an urban setting.

Of course any game set in a town needs bystanders and NPCs to potentially help (or hinder) the adventurers. So I have been rooting around in the loft, digging out figures that haven't seen the light of day for 15 to 20 years. Looking at this lot, they are going to be a fruitful source of inspiration for our future encounters.

A group of travelling merchants who may be in need of protection, may have useful information, or may be in possession of something that doesn't belong to them and needs to be recovered.

High life and low life, a good-time girl and musician, a successful local burgher and his wastrel son, watch out for the cutpurse/assassin/spy!

The "Good Folk" of the town, a town wife and children, the innkeeper (a good source of local gossip), the grave digger, a better class of musician and dancing girl (or is she a sorceress?).

Patrons of the inn, one of the "regulars", a soldier/guardsman (possibly works for one of the merchants), the barmaid and a rich boy. He might need rescuing from robbers, or might be in here to start a fight for a laugh.

More patrons, possibly adventurers stopping for a well-earned pint of two, a hooded warrior (possibly a ranger), a veteran dwarf and an experienced warrior.

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