Saturday, 21 April 2018

New Forest/Jungle Mat

I seem to be playing a lot more skirmish games recently, that need a 3x3 or 3x4 gaming area. I'm quite a fan of the mats from Ceri Designs, which are good quality and a bargain price (£19 for a 3x3 mat.) I have Arid Land, Open Field and Cobblestones mats, which cover most options, but I wasn't happy with the Open Field mat for dense vegetation like forest or jungle. Ceri now do a Forest Floor mat, which is a darker green with brown shades and would suit my needs, so I picked one up. A stroke of luck, when I went to buy it Ceri had one half price "with a small fault". This turned out to be a tiny white line less than a centimetre long. Seeing as I will be covering a lot of the mat's surface with trees and plants, so long as I put a piece of terrain over that spot, it's fine.

So here is some pictures in it's jungle setting.

 The whole set up.
 Some intrepid explorers exploring (it's what they do!).
 Something's stalking them.
 A group of apes burst from the undergrowth.
And rush upon the party.

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