Wednesday 28 March 2018

Five Days of Gaming!

I had a gaming buddy come and stay for the weekend last week, so cue three days of gaming! Mark is the son-in-law of friends of ours and last year he got into tabletop gaming. So far he had only experienced Games Workshop games, but I'd intrigued he enough with Frostgrave for him to go out and buy a copy of the rules. I thought it only fair to give Mark an opportunity to actually try the rules, hence the weekend visit. This had needed careful planning as he has a small daughter, so we needed to fit around family commitments.

He traveled over from work on Friday and, after a quick supper, I took him along to the Tring Wargames club for the evening. On Saturday morning Ian joined us for a day of Frostgrave. In between explaining the rules, admiring Mark's painting (his painting is far better than mine was at this stage of my gaming career) and general chit chat, we managed to play two games, The Mausoleum and Well of Sorrows.

We had great fun, as we usually do with these rules. We play a house rule that every treasure generates a monster (what's the point of accumulating monster models if you don't use them?) which tends to make things interesting.

The first games was extremely bloody, especially for spellcasters. By the end my wizard was the only magic user still breathing! After recovering casualties and working out experience, etc, we stopped for a beer and a sandwich. In the second game we were astounded by the actions of a humble imp (which Mark quickly named "The Iron Imp"). Mark summoned the imp and send it off to grab a treasure. In it's return journey it fought off and killed two of my warband, including a man-at-arms. Then, after dropping the treasure off with his master he proceeded to hunt dowp my arch and almost killed him before being finally cut down.

Some pictures from the games.

Sunday morning Mark introduced me to GW's Shadespire, sort of a cross between a miniatures game and a boardgame. I'm not going to rush out and buy it, but it was fun and I'd happily play it again. Mark headed homeward after lunch.

But my gaming extravaganza didn't finish there! Monday night Ian was back for a Sword and Spear battle and on Tuesday I was off to Colin's house for a 4 player Chain of Command game. Five consecutive games of playing games, fantastic!