Friday, 23 February 2018

A Confederate Army for the War of the Spanish Succession 5

Every army needs a commander, so here is my Confederate general, together with some of his staff and bodyguard. At the moment I'm not sure whether it is the Imperialist general Count Guido von Starhemberg (a cousin of Prince Eugene of Savoy), or else King Charles III himself (perhaps it's both, with von Starhemberg pointing out some issue of importance to His Most Catholic Majesty). The command group is the excellent LOA38 'Dismounted Command Group in Tricorns' from Pendraken. The bodyguards are a couple of spare cavalry I had lying around.

And a quick look at the command stands for my two Dutch regiments with their new banners. Many thanks to Phil Carrington for providing information on the Friesheim and Bruhese Regiments.

I've got some Imperialist infantry on the painting table, I'd better get on with them!


  1. Great command vignette, I heartily approve!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement.

    2. Should be a good scrap brewing very soon, with that output :)

    3. I'm working towards a bit 1710 re-fight for one of the Tring Club Games Days. Now I've knackered my finger for a while, it's more likely to be May.

    4. Yes, that looked painful!

      Good luck :)