Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Confederate Army for the War of the Spanish Succession 2

Four more pro-Carolean Spanish infantry for my new army. These were painted for me by Will Denham.

Two Catalan infantry battalions. The front unit is a regular battalion, the rear battalion is the unit known as the "Esquadra Nova". In 1713 this formed the core of a new regiment of mountain fusiliers, the Regiment de Sant Ramon de Penyafort, and as I cannot find out what their uniform was in 1710, I have gone for the 1713 blue with yellow facings.

Two units of Catalan Miquelets. These were semi-irregular volunteers units, that were raised on an ad-hoc basis when required. They did not often take a place in the formal battle line, but were renowned for their skills in irregular mountain warfare, they often carried a sword and a pair of pistols for close-in work. Their main use was in sieges and protecting and/or raiding supply lines. In 1713 many Miquelets were adopted into the Catalan army on a more formal basis as mountain fusilier regiments. Again, not knowing what uniform they wore in 1710, if any of them even wore uniforms at all, I have gone for their 1713 appearance.

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