Thursday, 20 April 2017

Winter War 192......? Part 6

Just in time for tonight's first game, I've painted up some naval ratings and all-important RCMP in red tunics. Yes, it's not the most practical dress for fighting in the Canadian winter, but they look good. Plus Mounties are tough!

The sailors are from Tiger Miniatures' Ice Station Lima range, unfortunately no officers are available yet. I debated which colour to paint their hats. Painting them white look right, but marked them as Americans. I went for blue in the end for two reasons. I wanted them as Canadians for this game and I plan on mixing them in with some civilians as a bootlegging ship's crew for a future game and blue looked more generic. I could always repaint them if I needed to, or, once the officers are released have a unit of each.

The postman's just delivered a largish box, Huzzah! The snowy hills and rocky outcrops I ordered from Products For Wargamers, just in time for tonight's game.

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