Sunday, 2 April 2017

Winter War 192......? Part 2

In order to play these games I have in mind, I need something to play on, so let's get on with terrain. I started looking at gaming mats, there are quite a lot out there now. I rejected US companies because of the cost of shipping across the pond and I could also discount a lot of the winter mats that are aimed at Frostgrave, I don't want paving or ruins showing through the snow. Both Deep Cut Studio and Tiny Wargames make snowy tundra mats that look really good, but still did not feel like winter on the Canadian/US border to me. So I have decided to go for a simple white cloth, I can pick up 2 metres of white fleece from the local sewing shop for a tenner (my wife does patchwork and quilting, so I know where all the fabric bargains are), which is a lot cheaper than the £60-£70 I'd be paying for a good gaming mat. The money saved can go to buying some ready-made terrain and save me the time and effort of making too much myself.

I do fancy a small river, or at least a stream and have seen a nice one on the Emperor Toads Emporium site (and I am saving money on the gaming mat!). But I do have two box loads of small scale rivers in the loft for my 10mm games, which would make a good stream in 28mm. as I have more than 24 feet of small river (perhaps a touch excessive, but they were a bargain on Ebay a few years back) I can afford to donate a few pieces to my new project.

So after a good going over with a stiff brush to loosen as much of the green flock as possible, a couple of coats of white paint and a few dead looking clumps of grass, I now have some suitable wintry stream pieces.

I've also picked up some vehicles from my local Tuesday Flea market. There's a stall that specialises in diecast models, usually the more expensive top-end stuff, but he usually has a couple of bits boxes of cheap stuff. After a bit of a rummage I got these three for less than £10 the lot.

This does mean that I have to think about roads now, as I don't think these would get very far trying to drive cross country in snow!

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