Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Wild West Terrain

On one of the wargames forums I was recently pointed to Aliexpress.com where I picked up some plasic succulent plants and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I thought they might give me some interesting terrain for my Wild West games.

Two plants cost me about £4 including shipping.

Step 1. Unwind the stem and and separate the plant pieces, this gave me 8 pieces from one plant.

Step 2. Clip the pieces off of the wire stem, leaving a small length of wire on the end.

Step 3. Drill a hole in a mdf base and glue the plants to the base.

Step 4. Texture the base.

So from 1 plant I got 8 nice looking cacti, about 4.5" high, for my Western Gunfight games for about £2.50 in total.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, simple terrain. I love it when purchases like this come together and work.