Thursday, 9 November 2017

Four Player Frostgrave

I had some of the guys (Henry, Colin and Mark) around yesterday for a Frostgrave Day. We have played a few games but not really got a proper campaign underway, so this was the attempt to get one started. I don't think one can appreciate Frostgrave properly unless it's player as a campaign and I've wanted to get something going for a while now.

We just played a basic treasure hunt, everyone putting 3 treasures down (which made it crowded). I used a couple of tweaks, the warbands started at the table edge rather than 6" in (so they didn't bump into each other straight away) and a monster appeared very time someone picked up a treasure (Henry and I both have a box full of D&D monsters and we wanted to use them!). We also placed the monsters differently to the rules, we rolled a directional die and the monster appeared behind the first piece of cover in the indicated direction.

The Lost Ruins

                                                  It's narrow streets seem quiet.....

                                                .                     ...and empty

                                      At it's centre lies the ruinous base of an ancient tower.....

                                          ....said to be the scene of an epic wizard's battle.

                                                          But now all is quiet, too quiet!

Unfortunately, once we started playing we got to engrossed to remember to take photos until the action was all over! Here's a couple of pictures of my Necromancer and his orc warband at the start of the game.

We had great fun, with Bone Darts and Elemental Bolts being thrown around, loads of thugs skewered by arrows and lots on monsters. Colin was definitely unlucky when it came to the monsters, Mark got a couple of skeletons for his first treasure, I got an ice spider but Colin got a Giant Worm!

It was a bloody game for the spell-slingers. My apprentice died, as did Mark's, Colin's Wizard snuffed it and Henry lost both his wizard and apprentice! When it came to survival rolls, all the apprentices came back OK, but Henry's wizard had a permanent disability and Colin rolled 2 for his, Brown Bread!

My plan was to get two games in, but we were only half way through the first game by lunch time and in the end there wasn't enough time for the second game. We will have to think of some ways to speed up the game next time, if we can.

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