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A scenario for almost any setting. A lord's daughter is being escorted home by her brother and two of his closest companions. On a particularly lonely stretch of road the coach suddenly loses a wheel and is forced to stop. The occupants climb out to examine the damage and realise that it was caused by a cunning concealed trap, dug into the road.  Suddenly a gang of ragged-looking ruffians emerge from the trees.........

The Escort
Brother (Leader): Rank 4, sword
Companion 1: Rank 4, pistol and sword
Companion 2: Rank 4, pistol and sword
Driver: Rank 2, sword

The Kidnappers
Leader: Rank 4, sword
Deputy: Rank 3, pistol and sword
Ruffian 1: Rank 2, sword and buckler
Ruffian 2: Rank 2, sword and buckler
Ruffian 3: Rank 2, sword and buckler
Ruffian 4: Rank 1, matchlock and sword
Ruffian 5: Rank 1, halbard

Our game was set in the English/Scottish border country towards the end of the 16th century.

The table set up.

 Another view.

 The Lady and Escort.

 The Scottish kidnappers.

 The trap is sprung!

 The first moves. The two English companions fire, killing the matchlockman before he gets off a single shot and the halberdier charges forward.

  As the rest of the gang advance, the brother and driver engage the gang's leader who bravely (foolishly?) leads the attack.

 Whilst one companion guards the rear of the coach, the other moves up to aid his lord.

 The Scottish leader takes a light wound (yellow marker) in payment for his rashness in leading his men from the front. As the melee expands the English driver is also wounded.

 In the meantime the Scots halberdier closes with the last Englishman whilst his superior tries to get a clear shot.
 The halberdier is cut down and the Scots deputy fires, wounding the Englishman.

 Disaster for the English player (me!). A Scot falls, but both the English leader and the driver are killed in a single round of combat.

 The last surviving Englishman is surrounded by enemies as a Scot grabs the girl and knocks her unconscious with his sword hilt.

The last Englishman fights on bravely, but can do nothing to stop the Scot escaping with the prize slung over his shoulder.

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