Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Funny Thing Happened in Frostgrave last Night.........

We played the 5th and 6th games in our Frostgrave campaign last night. My Necromancer wizard, Magnor the Malevolent, and his apprentice, Cretinnodcock the Expandable, have not been doing very well so far. In the first 4 games Magnor has died twice, both times killed by his rival, Khanberra. Once he was shot in the head with an elemental bolt and the other time Khanberra beat him to death with his staff! Fortunately on each occasion it turned out to be a Close Call. One of the thugs, Arak Gul the Simple, was later heard to comment that the bosses should swap epithets, which earned him latrine digging duty for the next month!

So I approached game 5 with Magnor at level 6, opposed to Khanberra at level 11. The scenario was Genie in a Bottle and the said Genie appeared with the very first treasure one of my thugs picked up! Fortunately Magnor had laid down a Fog spell immediately in front of the treasure to cover it from enemy bowmen, and I could pop the genie down on the far side of the fog. This made Khanberra and his accompanying ranger the closest visible target and the genie hared off in their direction.

The next move Khanberra got cunning and backing away from the genie used a Push spell to knock him back to my side of the fog.

Two can play at that game, so Magnor moved across to get his angle right and also cast a Push spell. I rolled a 20 for the damage effect and threw the genie back through the fog, ending up even closer to Khanberra that he had been at the start! Thus we had invented the game of Genie Ping Pong, soon to be played by all the cool wizards.

Khanberra did eventually escape the genie by cunningly letting him catch the ranger first! But was shortly afterwards eaten by the bear, who went on to eat another of his rangers as well.

The soldier in the pictures with the treasure did escape because Amsmag the apprentice managed to cast a Leap spell on him before the bear and genie activated. However doing that left him exposed somewhat and I filled him with arrows, then Cretinnodcock finished him off with a Bone Dart to the head. At the end of the game only one member of Khanberra's warband had escaped alive, with only the one treasure, Magnor got the other 5.

The next game, The Complex Temple, went even better for me as I ended up with all 6 treasures and once again both Khanberra and Amsmag died. The high point of that game was two of Khanberra's new barbarians trying to fight one of the magic pillars and losing! They both took so much damage that they were easily finished off by two wandering skeletons that turned up.

At the end of all that we now both have Level 12 Wizards for the next game.